"Olga is my go-to confidante and colleague when I need another trusted perspective and editor with my own writing. She's brilliant, bright, honest, and a pleasure to work with. I hold her in the highest regard."

-Mira Ptacin, author of Poor Your Soul

"Whether educational coursework, marketing, or article writing, Olga is a breath of fresh air to work with. Her deep curiosity and hawk-eyed ability to weed out jargon make her an expert at clarifying challenging material. Her gifts as a writer and joy in the process have become indispensable as I grow my business."

-Madelyn Kent, teacher and founder of Sense Writing

"I would not have been accepted to graduate school without Olga's contribution to my application. Her thoughtful in-depth analysis of my work encouraged me to dig deeper into my writing. I often feel self-conscious when asking someone to edit my words, but Olga's comments were so considerate and on point that I was able to avoid that. She balanced positive feedback with necessary critique and always asked questions instead of pushing her ideas onto the page. I really appreciated her tone and spirit while working with me." 

-RFS , lighting designer

"Olga was the perfect partner when I was writing my website. I wrote freely knowing I had her on my side to ensure my words were grammatically correct and strategically in line with the brand. She is savvy and patient when it comes to brainstorming and a capable editor and writer. She improved my ideas and fixed holes in my messaging. When I finally published my website, it felt like the best version of myself." 

-Sarah Schulweis, small business owner and consultant

"I've worked with Olga on and off for years, including a script, cover letters and personal narratives for applications (to things I got!), think pieces, and academic articles. In fact, I was just about to send her another piece for editing this week! She asks the right questions to bring out more clarity in my ideas. Behind every good piece of writing is a good editor, someone who is not too heavy-handed and can bring out the best in you. Olga is that!" 

-AL, PhD student and artist